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…to make you salivate over my yummy late lunch/early dinner (???) 🙂Allow me...

Baked Honey Barbecue chicken, Macaroni & cheese and some sautéed veggies. All made by a wonderful friend of mine 🙂 (that’s what friends are for!)

Enjoy the sight! 😉

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Baloney #1

Ugh...what day is it today?

Has this ever happened to you? Mistaking one day for the other? Thinking today is Wednesday when it’s really Thursday? Totally overlooking it when it’s right in front of your face? Then getting that oh shoot feeling when you realized that you’ve missed a VERY important meeting…and NO ONE bothered to remind you?

I have. And I know I must’ve been EXTREMELY tired yesterday to not realized that yesterday was Wednesday. Now, thanks to my brain which thought it would be funny to signal to me that yesterday was Tuesday, I have a lot of things to catch up to and my time is limited.

And the worst of it all is that it made yesterday feel like a Tuesday too. “How does a Tuesday feel like anyway?” you’re probably wondering. Well…I do not know and I cannot explain it. It just did, at that time.

Baloney #2

The, rather, EVIL HTC. Yeah, that's your name now >:-|

The weather widget on my HTC EVO has been displaying some dubious information about the week’s clime, which caused me to wear rain boots on sunny days and bring no umbrella when I should have.

I know NYC’s weather can get a little bipolar but keeping up with their updates would’ve saved me a great deal of embarrassments.

Local news weather forecast could be reliable but sometimes their information aren’t so accurate either, so, from now on, I will go with my gut feeling and eye-sight per the way it looks outside to determine the weather. (Who’s with me? 🙂 )

Baloney #3 (A letter)

To the lady who was sitting across from me on the train today,

Staring is RUDE!

Maybe there was something wrong with my face, or my hair, or the clothes I wore…or maybe I had a booger (eew!) popping out somewhere in my nose? Although I would never wish to have some stranger point that out to me ANY day, somehow, your intense staring, without ANY facial expression made me think otherwise. At least I would’ve known why.

Next time, take a picture. It will last you longer.

Truly yours,

The loud-minded girl who couldn’t wait to get home to blog about you.

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***This was meant to be posted since 7:00 this morning but my PC rudely died on me 😦 ***

It is a cloudy and chilly morning today in Brooklyn, and I cannot begin to explain the fight I had to get into with my warm comfy bed and fluffy pillows, especially since I had to go to sleep later than usual. For all of my non-early morning birds out there, I feel you!

While I’m slowly drowning myself in a Venti Caramel Mocchiato from Starbucks and absentmindedly typing these few lines, I dread the days ahead. My sister, as I mentioned in a previous post, is getting married! Exciting, eh? Not quite…at least not now.

Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me at work, and now that I am helping my sister make wedding preparations, gone are the days of me going home to rest. Now my nights are more like browsing wedding websites for ideas and such, helping her choose the theme, colors and songs. It would’ve been easier for me to help if she knew what she wanted, but she doesn’t. AND she doesn’t like half of the ideas I gave her (-_-).

Now, I’m the one pulling my hair out and stuff, stressing about a wedding that’s not even mine. I guess when it all ends, and she and every body’s happy, I’ll be my normal self again.

On another note, while getting ready for work yesterday morning, I looked out the window and saw the most peaceful portrait ever. At first I didn’t know what it was since I didn’t have my glasses on, but its silhouette resembled one of a cat…on a rooftop?

I grabbed my camera and sure enough it was a cat… peacefully sleeping on the rooftop of my neighbor’s garage.

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This sure made my day yesterday. I hope it will make yours today!

Until then loves ;-)!

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The Parking skills of Brooklyn College's students...

…are exceptional! I mean_just sick!
That one was probably late for class.lol

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I always dread this question, since most of the people in my entourage find entertainment comfort in watching either Bad girls club, Real Housewives of whatever-the-state-it-is and Jersey shore. They think I’m weird for not having any particular interest in watching those type of shows but I just find them idly ridiculous. What is the point of watching reality shows that, ironically aren’t so real?

I used to love rushing home from school to sit in front of the big silver-screened box back in the days, mainly to watch cartoons or movies, then I graduated to soap operas (which didn’t last due to my A.D.D. at times :-/). I later found a quick but genuine interest in crime investigating shows but it died as quick as it came.

I have to admit that I did find a couple of shows that I faithfully watch from my favorite channels (Food Network & National Geographic)

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but once I notice it’s a re-run, I loose total interest and wouldn’t watch TV for months. Whatever I need to watch__whether the news or anything interesting__ I just watch it online (Thank God for YouTube! :-)). It’s fast and more convenient to me since I have no patience for commercials.

From then on, I realized that TV was maybe not my thing :-/.

So…there you go…I don’t have a favorite TV program. Just programs that tickle my interest bone from time to time :-).

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I’m not sure if I want to “work” at overcoming my phobia, since it may just require me handling them, touching them, getting close to them and such but all I know is my life would have been a little brighter without them.

What is/are your phobia(s)?

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Remember this face?


I mean…who does not remember that little round freckled face?

And I know. People have the weirdest reactions when I tell them about “Annie” being my all-time favorite movie. I even get the “Aren’t you a little too grown for that stuff anyways?” remark from time to time, but what they don’t know is how inspiring that movie was to me.

Growing up watching Annie was one the best things that ever happened to me. Since I loved to sing, and with my father being a musician, I would always think that one day, I would be an actress and sing in movies and my father would be the sole musician. Such great combo, I used to think.

Of course these childhood fantasies of mine never came to pass, and with time,

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow, You're always a day away!

my interest in acting died out, but I still enjoy the movie for the laughter, the tears and singing it brings every time I view it.


Although I’m now  much more into action, comedy, horror and romance, Annie is a staple in my movies’ list.

I hope my future children will love it as much I do! They better.:-)

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