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And I have a few good reasons why I have been missing in action. Many are due to daily life engagements (work, getting my degree, new ministry), my sister post-wedding life (in Haiti!) and just plain ol’ laziness on my part every now and then.

On a more serious note though, I’ve missed blogging! And I’ve missed you all! I guess it’s a part of the blogging life. Sometimes you wake up full of ideas and aspirations and you just can’t stop writing and there are times you just wish you had just a tad bit of enthusiasm, or time, to write.

But what I love the most about blogging is the fact that, I can always come back to free my mind and count on you guys to be there to read, laugh and chill with me, or even drop me a ‘Miss you’ notes on my page (Thank you to everyone who checked up on me 🙂 ).

This is just a little post to say I’m alive and well by the grace of God and that I am back! Stay tuned for more posts about my stay in Haiti, my sister’s wedding, life without her (:-() and other randomness. Until then loves! 🙂

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