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It’s a quiet day…

A little somber, I must say,

Even the sun didn’t want to come out and play.

For a cheer, I searched,

Deep down within,

But a tear, instead

I felt coming.

But, why do I feel this way?

Why do I let my blues, on the strings of my mind, play?

“Pray…” a gentle voice whispered,

“For in my presence, you will find joy.”

“Sing…” it repeated;

“For only my love can stir inside you, the sweetest song.”

“I’m your comfort and strength every day,”

“I AM with you always, verily I say.”

“For every second your heart beats,You will be reminded of my grace;”

“For every breath you take, my peace will fill your mind’s space.”

Opened my eyes and looked back out

A smile wiped my pout

Still, for a ray of sun

I anticipated

But, by the rain, outdone

The sun, for its turn, waited.

It’s raining still

But no longer in my soul

It’s raining still

I, again, felt whole.


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Hello guys!

As promised, I am back to share with you all my visit back to Haiti after the earthquake.  I was there last January due to my sister’s wedding, and I must say, I didn’t know what to expect. Or maybe I just didn’t want to allow myself to have any expectations because with expectations sometimes, come disappointment. And seeing the conditions in which some people were still living in, 3 years after the earthquake, I was hurt and angry.

We__my mom, little sister and I__ left the cold winter of New York early in the morning. When we landed in Haiti, and the plane door opened letting the heat smack us in the face, I knew I was home.

We managed to get our bags and get through the overly crowded Baggage claim area, with the help of a friend who was waiting patiently for us to arrive. We also managed to get away from the 10 men who were cursing at us, because we refused their help.

Everyday we would go out, we would drive past so many vendors on the street. They sold all kinds of stuff: from fruits, vegetables, food, drinks to beautiful paintings and other handmade goodies. We would drive past students coming from school…some of them tired of walking under the blazing sun and unbearable dust. I watched all of their faces: there was despair and fear. But I also saw hope and resilience.

And there would be days when we would drive past beautiful colorful boutiques and restaurants, where you will find the elites of the Haitian society. Haiti, for as long as I can remember, always seemed like two different worlds to me. When I reminisce about the great times I had growing up in Haiti, I would think that this place was too good to be true. Yet, other aspects were too painful for me to even understand.

Fast forwarding to the wedding day, things went way better than I expect. That day will be one of the happiest days of my life. To be, once again, reunited with all of our family members and friends (both from Haiti and the States)  brought us the greatest joy that day. To watch my sister walk down the aisle to the man she loved was priceless to me. I’ve never seen her so happy, and that made me happy and teary-eyed.

The post-wedding days in Haiti were the best. Some of us considered our time there as an odd but mini-vacation and we made the best of it.

My sister decided to stay with her husband for a few months, and leaving her was bittersweet. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve never been away from each other for such along time, so those few months without her have been empty and lonely. But, my heart is rejoicing again since she will be back soon by next month, and soon we will be working on getting my brother-in-law here too.

It was truly a great experience to re-visit Haiti. After all the Haitian people went through, they still lived faithfully, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day. Even though most of the time, tomorrow was not promised and would bring a source of tears, they still had hope.  Hope at least could bring them a source of immense joy__one that nothing could take away from them.

(Here are a few photos I captured there. I didn’t get a chance to put the pics in order (sorry 😦 ) but I’m sure you will still enjoy them!)

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