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It’s a quiet day…

A little somber, I must say,

Even the sun didn’t want to come out and play.

For a cheer, I searched,

Deep down within,

But a tear, instead

I felt coming.

But, why do I feel this way?

Why do I let my blues, on the strings of my mind, play?

“Pray…” a gentle voice whispered,

“For in my presence, you will find joy.”

“Sing…” it repeated;

“For only my love can stir inside you, the sweetest song.”

“I’m your comfort and strength every day,”

“I AM with you always, verily I say.”

“For every second your heart beats,You will be reminded of my grace;”

“For every breath you take, my peace will fill your mind’s space.”

Opened my eyes and looked back out

A smile wiped my pout

Still, for a ray of sun

I anticipated

But, by the rain, outdone

The sun, for its turn, waited.

It’s raining still

But no longer in my soul

It’s raining still

I, again, felt whole.


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Jeremiah 29:11’s “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you, not to harm you…Plans to give you a hope and future”  played in my mind as I slept. In my subconscious, I told myself that I knew the verse. I recited it as my chant of hope whenever I felt like giving up. But, over and over it played, like a song stuck on repeat for some reason that was unknown to me. As if God wanted me to really get the meaning: that He had me. Safe and secured in His arms. That He was my shepherd and my provider.I may not have known the real reason why God woke me up with this beautiful verse this morning, but I knew He needed me to not let my faith fade away.

As I started to get ready for work, He again revealed to me all His promises to those who love and put their trust in Him through this one verse. This verse found me in my most discouraging moments and picked me up. This verse strengthened my faith every day. This verse put a wide smile on my face as I awakened from my sleep this morning, and it kept me happy and content the whole day. This verse gave me a renewed hope, brand new aspirations and the urge to tell the whole world about the unconditional and unfailing love of God.

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