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It’s a quiet day…

A little somber, I must say,

Even the sun didn’t want to come out and play.

For a cheer, I searched,

Deep down within,

But a tear, instead

I felt coming.

But, why do I feel this way?

Why do I let my blues, on the strings of my mind, play?

“Pray…” a gentle voice whispered,

“For in my presence, you will find joy.”

“Sing…” it repeated;

“For only my love can stir inside you, the sweetest song.”

“I’m your comfort and strength every day,”

“I AM with you always, verily I say.”

“For every second your heart beats,You will be reminded of my grace;”

“For every breath you take, my peace will fill your mind’s space.”

Opened my eyes and looked back out

A smile wiped my pout

Still, for a ray of sun

I anticipated

But, by the rain, outdone

The sun, for its turn, waited.

It’s raining still

But no longer in my soul

It’s raining still

I, again, felt whole.


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