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There are a few things in life that I particularly don’t find fascinating nor cool. Some of them make me frown, but most just make me shake my head in disbelief. This list will ever grow as long as I live, but for now, here are a few things that I find uncool…in no particular order.

Smoking kills!

1. Smoking.  Unless you don’t love yourself, I don’t understand why you should smoke yourself to death everyday. Same goes for drinking and drug abuse.




2. Children disrespecting their parents in public. Although I believe disrespecting your parents anywhere is plainly not right, but doing it in public, is just scandalous.




Now THIS would've been cool. But that's just not the case :-/

3. Dog poo. If you don’t like the idea of picking up your dog’s poop, you don’t deserve to have one! That’s just my theory.





4. The price of snacks at movie theaters. I don’t know where to begin when it comes to this matter; should it be the part where they are ripping us off, the part where they don’t accept outside food/snacks OR the part where, despite the fact that they’re so expensive we still buy them anyway? I don’t know.





5. Male bashing. Bitter and weak women tend to do that and I don’t think it’s cool. I know there are some really shady men out there, but not all men are the same. Same goes for Female Bashing.





6. Farting in close spaces. Places like the elevator, the train or the van may seem like the ideal place to release yourself due to the fact that they are 99.9% of the time crowded so no one will really know who did such crime, but please, unless you have a clean colon, relieve yourself somewhere else. Farts can actually cause asthma attacks. (It may not be scientifically true, but I believe it’s a potential hazard for asthmatic people…like myself).





I'll need to get one of those soon...Anti-theft umbrellas

7. Stealing someone’s umbrella. In the words of my crazy cousin: “I often pray  for people who steal other people’s umbrellas. That one day the same thing would happen to them and that they would see the light.” I wouldn’t quite put it that way, but, yeah…it’s not cool.





8. Wanting to shake MY hand with the SAME hand I saw YOU wipe your pharyngeal discharge with. HUGE uncool on my list.





Stop Fooling around! Make a difference!

9. April fooling. Since people have been taking this April Fool’s day thing into a whole other level, I just think it has lost its zest and it’s no longer considered cool in my book. It’s not that I’ve lost my sense of humor but there are far better things to do (like raise awareness for Autism) on that day.




10. Stereotyping. There is nothing worse than putting an etiquette on a certain culture, race and people. Ignorance is bliss…it’s time to wake up people!

That is all for now folks! 😉

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***Please forgive me for not checking in here :-(. Wasn’t feeling myself lately.***

I woke up to yet another solemn morning today and to my surprise got photo-tagged by one of my childhood friends. At first, I made a mental note to write about Facebook‘s controversial “privacy” customization (I don’t really like to display ALL kinds of picture of myself on Facebook, and somehow people just think it’s cool to tag me on random pictures without asking for my permission) but when it did hit my eyes, I couldn’t help myself but burst into laughter.

It was a class picture of my classmates and I back in 6th grade, and seeing it again brought back  sweet memories!

Yep...that's me, the 4th one in the second row from the left hand side

However, what struck me the most was the fact that I looked different. Different then all of the other girls. Somehow seeing all of my other female classmates there in that photo made me realize a truth that I’ve been avoiding all along.

I am a late bloomer.

I believe  I was 13 then, and I have not menstruated yet like the others. I didn’t have boobs either, but I couldn’t really tell the difference then because, to me, whatever I had on my chest, was just ‘fat’. I remember how I used to beg my mother to buy a pair of bra so I could wear them, just like the other girls.  I chemically relaxed my hair, just like the other girls. I used to fuss every morning every time I had to wear bows in my hair (it’s a Caribbean thing.lol)
because the other girls never wore bows. I remember having my first crush at 13, but he never looked at me the way he looked at the other girls. He probably didn’t even know I existed.

Whatever I did to appear mature like the other girls, I still looked like I was 9. I just never fitted in.

Reminiscing on those days made me realized how silly and naive I was, and that maybe being a late bloomer was a good thing. A great thing, matter of fact. I got to enjoy my childhood, got to focus on what was important then__school, not boys. I also got to build long lasting friendships, where we all connected on common grounds, unlike the other girls’ who are now enemies after they found out that they were messing with each others’  boyfriend at the time (well, this may not be a reason but it saved me the drama 😉 )

I did reconnect right then and there with so many of my old classmates, and many couldn’t believe that it was me, in my original profile pic. Some thought I’ve ‘changed’…a good and beautiful kind of change. Others wanted to know the reason behind my glow.

My reply: It’s the late bloomer glow.

Love thyself...

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I’m not sure if I want to “work” at overcoming my phobia, since it may just require me handling them, touching them, getting close to them and such but all I know is my life would have been a little brighter without them.

What is/are your phobia(s)?

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