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Jeremiah 29:11’s “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you, not to harm you…Plans to give you a hope and future”  played in my mind as I slept. In my subconscious, I told myself that I knew the verse. I recited it as my chant of hope whenever I felt like giving up. But, over and over it played, like a song stuck on repeat for some reason that was unknown to me. As if God wanted me to really get the meaning: that He had me. Safe and secured in His arms. That He was my shepherd and my provider.I may not have known the real reason why God woke me up with this beautiful verse this morning, but I knew He needed me to not let my faith fade away.

As I started to get ready for work, He again revealed to me all His promises to those who love and put their trust in Him through this one verse. This verse found me in my most discouraging moments and picked me up. This verse strengthened my faith every day. This verse put a wide smile on my face as I awakened from my sleep this morning, and it kept me happy and content the whole day. This verse gave me a renewed hope, brand new aspirations and the urge to tell the whole world about the unconditional and unfailing love of God.

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For the first time (in a very long time) last night, I sat down to watch the news, and to my disappointment, one particular story reminded me of why I never really liked watching the news in the first place.

A New Jersey high school teacher (Vicki Knox)  has been accused of posting anti-gay remarks on  Facebook  and now, she is on the verge of being suspended, which may eventually lead to her getting fired.

This is my very first time hearing about such stories and what shocked me the most was that it was not the first time actions where taken against teachers who spoke their mind on Facebook, especially about homosexuality.

I read the alleged  ‘horrifying’ comments she made and in my opinion, they were not at all hateful. They were expressions of her thoughts genuinely based on her religious beliefs and personal values. Now, let’s assume that maybe she wasn’t supposed to make those comments publicly. If those comments were made directly to students or staff members, I would then understand.

What I do not (and probably never will) understand is why they want to fire her based on comments she made in her free time, on a social site where  people practically freely speak their mind. People from all over the world make 10 times worst comments about homosexuals (I myself have read comments about people threatening to kill every single homosexual they set their eyes on :-/)  so now one person just voices her opinion, based on her religious beliefs, and she should be revoked from her profession? Why do people feel the need to use rights as a tool for revenge? Just like lesbians and gays feel like they have the right to fight for they believe in, I believe Mrs. Knox reserve the rights to freely express herself based on what she believes in.

If I had any advice for Mrs. Knox right now, it would be: “In this course of life, not everyone will agree with you. No matter how passionate you are or how passionate they are. You will have different reasons and beliefs and they will never mesh. If you can get this, then you can get that it is okay. If you get that it is okay, you will be much happier. But DO stay true to yourself, and don’t change your views/beliefs for anyone.”

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